RM Wealth Management

Investment advice, research and analysis. 

Established 2003


Why use RM Wealth Management?


  • We provide fee-based advice, we don’t sell anyone’s products, making us truly independent.
  • We only work for the client. We have no links to other financial companies or banks.
  • We offer a transparent fee structure to ensure interests are aligned with the client.
  • We aim for consistent absolute returns.
  • Assets can be held in the client’s existing bank.
  • We keep costs to a minimum.
  • Clients retain control over their assets rather than handing them over to someone else.
  • We believe capital preservation is a basic foundation for sustainable capital growth.
  • Client numbers will always remain low in order to provide a genuinely personal level of service.

What we do

  • Advice on investment of cash or advice about management of an existing investment portfolio.
  • Analysis of third party investment products and proposals.
  • Research to aid development of client investment ideas.
  • Following news flow and corporate reporting related to client investments.
  • Proposal of investment strategies on specific themes.
  • Advice on retirement planning.


Fees vary, according to the nature of the work involved. These could be:


  • An annual advisory fee, paid quarterly, for a portfolio of investments or for investment of cash
  • Hourly rates or fixed quarterly fees for research, analysis and administrative work

About RMWM

Created in 2003, the business was started by Richard McCreery to offer fee-based financial advice to high net worth individuals. The aim was to move away from using products and investments that pay commissions, many of which are opaque and expensive, in order to provide unbiased investment advice that is focused purely on generating the best return for clients.


The business is based in the South of France, next door to Monaco. Some clients may be sophisticated investors themselves who appreciate professional input or who benefit from having an independent adviser to develop new investment ideas, carry out research or create consolidated reports. Other clients prefer a more ‘guided’ advisory service that leaves them free to focus on other issues whilst still retaining control over their investments. The frequency of client interaction can be as great or as little as the client chooses but all client relationships benefit from regular communication.


Client numbers will always be relatively small in order to ensure that service levels meet client expectations. The high levels of service ensure that we have a very low client turnover, which reflects the high levels of client satisfaction we are aiming for.


Clients can use their existing bank for custody of investments. This ensures they are not tied into structures that are difficult or expensive to exit should their circumstances change.


It is our aim to grow fee income primarily by growing the value of clients assets through investment gains.